What is Anti-Oppression Consulting?

DIVERSITY asks "Who is in the room?"

INCLUSIVITY asks "Who is at the decision-making table and do they feel they belong?"

EQUITY asks "How are power and resources in the organization distributed, internally and externally?"

These principles alone are important, but this knowledge by itself is insufficient  to achieve the systemic change and self-correcting processes organizations require.

The solution is anti-oppression: a lens that incorporates not only diversity, equity, and inclusivity principles, but also social, political, and economic theory, philosophy, historical perspectives, and community engagement. Anti-oppression asks us what and who we care about, what effects our people before they enter the workplace, whose stories and experiences remain unheard, and examines not only internal policy, but external policy, work products, systems change, and organizational allyship.

Regan uses empathy, humor, and surgical precision to discuss typically difficult topics.

She creates an environment of curiosity and mutual respect so that people are engaged and eager to grow. She trains people from all backgrounds and knowledge levels, focusing on the concept of oppression and how we can identify and resist it, together.

Regan's Anti-Oppression Trainings

weave together history, science, media, philosophy, and best practices to crystallize core concepts and assist individuals, communities, and organizations in achieving their anti-oppressive goals. Regan answers questions that people have been too afraid to ask, offering new ways to think about familiar concepts. Regan is also trained in facilitation and conflict resolution, and employs these skills in many of her trainings or as a separate offering. After working with Regan, you will feel informed, empowered, engaged, and ready to journey deeper into anti-oppressive practice, for yourself and/or your organization.

Services Offered



Our main offering for organizations, businesses, community groups, and other entities. Learn more



Regan is a dynamic, joyful, and entertaining speaker. She is available to speak at your event or conference on a variety of topics. Learn more



Public trainings offered at low to no cost to support community scholarship and action around anti-oppression. Learn more



Regan is a trained facilitator through Creative Strategies for Change, and is available for facilitation requests. Learn more



For community members and organizations looking to co-think solutions to specific problems with an anti-oppression expert. Learn more



This is a formal, collaborative, and evaluative relationship between an individual/organization and an anti-oppression expert. 

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